Leopard Safari in Jawai Hills
Bera | 5 | 
Bera Wildlife
Area with the highest leopard sightings in the world where wild cats live in rocky caves.
Jawai Dam
Built to supply water to Jodhpur, now a haven for winter migratory birds.
Castle Bera
The beautiful place home to royal family of Bera.
LIVE Experience Details
We start straight away on the jeep safari with a naturalist expert in tigers and the region.
Move to the reserve area in search for the best, head to Ranthambore Fort to capture the view.
Visit the beautiful Padam Lake where most animals of the reserve come to drink water.
Yaduveer Singh Bera
I am Yaduveer Singh Bera, also known as the Leopard Prince of India. Join me in my pursuit to conserve and appreciate India’s wildlife.
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