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From Bean to Cup - the Coffee Story of Coorg
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From Farm to Cup
Trace the journey from growing, farming, drying to processing and finally, manufacturing.
A British-Era Hill Station
Known to be a summertime residence for the British, one can still spot the traces of era gone by in food and architecture.
Endless Green Vistas
Not only the plantations, the vistas of Coorg are rich with misty valleys, waterfalls and dales!
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Other Products
Pure Arabica Coffee Powder
Coorg's authentic unmixed, chicory free Arabica powder
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Pure Robusta Coffee Powder
Enjoy Coorg's famous Robusta chicory free
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Coorg Honey
Sourced from forests of Coorg
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Pure Peaberry Coffee Powder
India's famous Peaberry coffee powder - pure and chicory free
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Roasted Coffee Beans Arabica
Coorg's famous Arabica coffee straight from farm
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Roasted Coffee Beans Robusta
Like your coffee strong? You'll love Coorg's Robusta
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LIVE Experience Details
The walk through the plantation is first on the cards and accompanying us is an avid coffee connoiseur who will guide us through the various stages of manufacturing.
We will then sample some amazing brews at the estate itself while gazing over the stunning valleys of green and mist.
This stunning experience completes as we progress towards the resort where you can choose to spend the night in Honeypot Estate.
We are travellers with an edge. You know us as the couple in a helmet, and that's exactly how we like it. We are on the quest of making memories and would like for you to come along!
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