Handblock Printing at Raaga
Jaipur | 4.8 | 
Handblock Printing
Handblock printing is among the oldest printing and painting techniques in India
Talk to the artists
You can talk directly to the artists and learn from them the finer nuances of the art
Traditional indian Textiles
You will also get the opportunity to shop for these traditional items
LIVE Experience Details
Our journey will take us through a relatively unexplored part of Rajasthan to the town where Handblock Printing was born.
After some initial refreshments and introductions, we would be witnessing the mesmerizing art in action.
We would also get a chance to learn the basics of the technique.
Finally, you can also shop for some souvenirs to take home.
Shakti Shekhawat
I am Shakti Singh Shekawat, TravellingMondays on YouTube. I love travelling but my real passion lies in storytelling through moody cinematic visuals that captures the essence of a place.
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