Natural Wonders of Himalayas with a Naturalist
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Great Himalayan National Park
A UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, it is an area that will humble you with its quiet beauty
Rare flora and fauna
The park is home to 805 plant species, 192 species of lichen, and 25 species of moss!
Home to the Musk Deer
An endangered specie, the Musk Deer is exclusive to the Himalayas
LIVE Experience Details
Our Walking tour starts with Naturalist Vikram who will guide us through the mountainous terrains of the Himalayas and show us its stunning biodiversity.
Next, we will be progressing towards learning more about the conservation efforts undertaken by the authorities in order to protect this UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.
We will then witness a glorious sunset over the mountains as Vikram tells us more about the wonders of the Great Himalayan National Park.
Ajinkya Bhonde
I am Ajinkya Bhonde, a filmmaker and photographer who creates moody yet impactful visuals. Come with me on journeys that stay with you for a long time.
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