Walking Tour of Uttarakhand's Best Kept Secret
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Hometown of Rudyard Kipling
Mowgli, Balloo, Bagheera, Akeyla - your childhood nostalgia comes alive in these hills.
History Comes Alive
It's easy to get lost in the British era houses, shops and love stories when you are here
Landour - The Scotland of India
The hillstation of the British era it strongly resembles the hills and valleys of Scotland and hence is named so.
LIVE Experience Details
Our journey through the 'best-kept-secret' of the Himalayas starts with a meandering walk through the valleys witnessing the house of Sir George Everest - who was responsible for drawing up the first trignometrical survey of India.
We will then be progressing towards the house of Sir Rudyard Kipling and see the place which inspired him to write the timeless children's tale - The Jungle Book.
We will also be visiting the markets of Landour and visiting iconic stores such as Anil Prakash's Store, Chaar Dukaan and more.
Our tour of Landour ends with a visit to the first Tibetan settlement in India and of course, a sumptuous and hot meal with the locals.
Shakti Shekhawat
I am Shakti Singh Shekawat, TravellingMondays on YouTube. I love travelling but my real passion lies in storytelling through moody cinematic visuals that captures the essence of a place.
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